Creative Thinker’s Rethink Book


  • Creative Thinker’s Rethink Book: 52 Exercises to Train Your Ability to See Connections Others Don’t
  • Dorte Nielsen
  • Bis Publishers
  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • English


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Highly creative thinkers are good at seeing connections. By enhancing your ability to see connections, you can enhance your creativity. Based on this observation, a solid theory and the latest neuroscience, this exercise book is for people who want to become better creative thinkers. Creative Thinker’s Rethink Book trains your ability see and make connections – the underlying mechanism that helps you to think creatively. The exercises in this book forces you to go beyond the obvious – to think and rethink – again and again. It is not a theory book. It’s a hands-on exercise book to boost your creativity and innovative thinking. Working with these exercises will help you to come up with fresh thinking, original ideas and unexpected innovative solutions. You can use this book as a creative morning booster, a warm up before working creatively, for everyday creativity training or just as a fun activity. The exercises can be used at home, at school, in the design studio, in the office or in the agency. Creativity is for everybody!

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