Creative Block


  • Creative Block: Over 100 Tasks to Get Your Head Into a Creative Space
  • Gemma Lawrence
  • Bis Publishers
  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • English


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‘Creative Block’ is a book set out to ruffle feathers, get out of ruts, and start those juices flowing. Focussing on creative process and theory, it is filled with over 100 tasks to get your head into a conceptual and creative space, encouraging experimentation and playfulness in art. Ideal for artists, industry creatives, and individuals who simply want to delve deeper into their own creativity. This book helps to improve your process and technique when approaching art, in all its forms. Intriguing, fun and challenging, ‘Creative Block’ will have you distorting, abstracting, morphing, reinventing and, above all, leaving the box behind.

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