Design Things That Make Sense


  • Design Things That Make Sense: Tech. Innovator’s Guide
  • Deborah Nas
  • Bis Publishers
  • Softcover
  • 176 pages
  • English



Design Things That Make Sense is the first and complete guide to designing technology-based products and services. It answers questions like: Why do some products become a success while others fail? Why do some products create value while others destroy it? Why is there so much technology-push and so little thinking from the outside-in? Technology unlocks new capabilities that nobody asked for, but applied correctly can create value for users. This sounds easier than it is; designing successful tech products and services requires a unique approach. Through case studies, practical insights, examples, tips, and tools, readers will learn how to adopt a user-centered mindset and apply technologies in a meaningful way. The book contains over 50 design strategies to design strong benefits and minimize the resistance people might have against new technologies. It’s for innovators who want to do better and design products and services that make sense.

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