• Mezza Card Game : Dazzle Your Opponents with Speed
  • Thomas Michael
  • Bis Publishers
  • Cards
  • English


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This colourful card game is the perfect gift for lovers of card games with an eye for design.

Mezza is a quirky and fun variation of the popular card game ‘shithead’: a game that requires you to be fast, dynamic and strategic. Discard all the cards in your hand as fast as possible, be the first to start playing your face up cards and become the empty-handed winner!

This variation has an exciting new element: the unique ½ card (‘mezza’ means ‘half’ in Italian) is key. It is the lowest card in the game, in a combination it can suddenly become the highest. Play Mezza in a group of 2 to 5 and dazzle your opponents with tactics and speed.

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Afmetingen 45 × 83 × 225 mm


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