• TeamWorks: by Students, for Students
  • Frido Smulders, Meike Brehmer, Han van der Meer
  • Mosaic
  • Paperback
  • 251 pages
  • English


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“This book aims to support you (the student) and your peers working in project teams as part of your educational program. Problem-based learning is very popular at universities worldwide and often requires teams of students to work collaboratively on assignments provided by the teaching staff. Students (and most staff), however, haven’t received any (formal) training in teamwork.
This book provides a hands-on overview of all aspects relevant to student teamwork, including teamwork, project management and leadership.
So, take your academic projects to the next level and outperform yourself as a team and as individuals, because TeamWorks!

Teamwork has become a basic component of most collegiate and graduate studies. It is also an important element for long-term career success. Yet, I have yet to nd a straightforward guide that helps students identify and work through various issues until now! TeamWorks is a pragmatic book, problem focused, and providing clear solutions. And since it is written by students for students, the style and tone, as well as the content, are perfect for students of all levels. In short, I strongly recommend TeamWorks to faculty and students alike.
Marc H. Meyer (2012), Robert Shillman Professor of Entrepreneurship & Matthews Distinguished University Professor, Northeastern University.

There is a freshness to the material which captures the subject from the students perspectives. É I particularly liked the chapters how to turn a Professor into a valuable asset and how to lead, follow and coach in a collaborative environment of peers. It is easy to see the benefits of such realistic experiences within a Master’s level programme. Participants learn a great deal that is transferable into professional life about leadership, group work, and perhaps most valuably about themselves.
Tudor Rickards (2010), Professor of Creativity & Organizational Change , Manchester Business School.

“We wanted to develop a book that could provide students across the world with support in their academic teamwork. So, we asked 176 international master students to work in teams and to write the chapters of this book. The result is a remarkable book on student teamwork, co-created by students, for students.”
Frido Smulders, Meike Brehmer & Han v. d. Meer (2010), TU Delft.

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